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School Uniform & PE Kit
The wearing of school uniform is compulsory. Full uniform must be worn in school and when journeying to and from school. When a student is admitted, it is on condition that parents accept our school uniform regulations, and therefore it is assumed that parents are willing to ensure that their child conforms to these in every respect.

In selecting our school uniform, we have attempted to combine the important factors of neatness, practicality and easy availability. We have tried to avoid burdening parents with unnecessary expenditure on highly distinctive and expensive items of clothing, whilst still achieving high standards of appearance.


School Tie

As you may be aware, there has been a delay with the traditional school ties (non clip on) for year 7.

We have clip on ties that we can issue for now.

Therefore, on the first day of school, we will issue a temporary clip on tie for any student who needs one/has purchased one via Scopay.

This also applies to other year groups who have purchased a traditional tie (non clip on).

As soon as the traditional ties arrive in school (around 11th September) we will collect the clip on and issue the traditional tie.

Apologies. The company has obviously been impacted by COVID so thank you for your understanding.

To purchase school uniform and PE kit, please click the Shop Now buttons below which will take you to our school clothing providers. There you can compare prices, opening times and social distancing information.


Top Form By Monkhouse Schoolwear
Mill Gate Shopping Centre
86 The Rock

Tel: 0161 764 4320

PT's Schoolwear Bury

Bury Market Hall
14 Market Parade

Tel: 0161 761 1365

PT's Schoolwear Radcliffe

7 New Road
M26 1LS

Tel:0161 723 0991

Smart Clothing

Units 5,6 & 7
Bolton Market Complex
Blackhorse street

Tel: 01204 392610

Order PE Kit from SK KITS

SK Kits supply kit for many football clubs, cricket clubs, schools and other organisations. They are a well established company with a reputation for supplying high class products and have supplied PE and sports kits for Tottington High School for many years. Your child’s PE kit will be delivered to school at the start of term or within 7 days if during term time.

To order PE kit for your child, please click the Shop Now button below.

School Uniform: Boys:

Please WearPlease Do Not Wear
School blazer - black with school crest embroidered. Available from Monkhouse and PTs in Bury and from Smart Clothing in Bolton.
Plain black school trousers.No jeans-style, tight or casual trousers. No leggings.
A white school shirt which buttons to the neck.Open neck shirts, or shirts without a top button.
School tie with school crest.*
Plain v-neck jumper with school crest.
(Jumper is optional)
No sweatshirt-style, hooded, zips or buttons, cardigans. No hoodies.
Black jumpers are not allowed.
Round neck jumpers are not allowed.
Plain, black school-style shoes.No boots, heels, trainers, pumps, footwear with logos or steel caps.
No trainer-style shoes.
Black or charcoal grey socks.Coloured, patterned or bright socks.
Dark suitable outdoor coat.No denim or hoodies to be worn.

School Uniform: Girls:

Please WearPlease Do Not Wear
School blazer - black with school crest embroidered. Available from Monkhouse and PTs in Bury and from Smart Clothing in Bolton.
Plain, black school trousers - suitable style is style no 3832/Banner Senior Boot Cut.
Trousers must be school style and not made of a stretchy, lycra fabric.
Box pleated knee length skirt with school crest situated on front bottom left hand corner.
No hipsters, jean-style, tight or casual trousers/leggings.
Fitted revere Collar blouse.
If a button-up shirt is worn, then the school tie has to be worn.*
Plain, v-neck jumper with school crest.
No sweatshirt-style, hooded, zips or buttons, cardigans.
Plain black jumpers are not allowed.
Round neck jumpers are not allowed.
Plain black school shoes.No trainers, no pumps, no trainer-style shoes with logos, labels or silver lace threads.
No trainer soles, no boots or over the ankle shoes, no heels, no steel toe caps.
Black or charcoal grey ankle socks.
Girls may wear plain black tights in an opaque (non-see through) style.
No coloured, patterned or bright socks.
No knee length socks.
No ankle socks and tights worn together.
Dark suitable outdoor coat.No denim or hoodies to be worn.

*New Year 7 students will wear a normal (non clip on) tie from September 2020. These will be available only from school with online payment via Scopay. Year 8-11 must wear either a clip on tie or a normal tie.

Please remember:

  • You should be in full school uniform at all times.
  • Any student considered to be wearing their uniform or hair in an unacceptable fashion will be challenged and be expected to alter it in accordance with school rules.
  • Make-up, fake tan, false nails, false eyelashes/eyebrows (HD brows) must not to be worn.
  • Only plain ear studs are allowed – one in each ear lobe.
  • Facial/body piercings, rings, necklaces and bracelets are not allowed.
  • Only hair colours which are natural are allowed (no bright reds or other vibrant colours, no dip dye). Weaves/braids are not allowed.
  • No sculpted haircuts, including patterns, are allowed and hair length must be at least a Grade 2. Students must not shave their eyebrows.
  • Long hair must be tied back during practical lessons.
  • The wearing of all headgear is not allowed, unless it is of a religious nature. In such cases it should be no longer than shoulder length and navy blue or black.
  • The school has strict guidelines as to the length of a school skirt. A student will receive 2 official warnings regarding the length being too short. If the policy is not adhered to after these warnings the student will only be allowed to wear trousers for the rest of the academic year.


Physical Education

All sports clothing MUST be PERMANENTLY LABELLED. PE kit can be obtained from SkKits (further details can be obtained from school or the website).

Compulsory Items:

  • Red T Shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Black football socks (girls)
  • Red football socks (boys)
  • Shin pads
  • Football boots will be required at some time during the year.

Optional Sweatshirt is available to order from the PE department.

Please remember:

  • All footwear should be of the correct size and correctly tied to ensure support of the ankles. As fashion evolves, there are often items of casual or leisure footwear on the market that have the appearance of trainers which may not be suitable for PE activities. It is important that students wear the appropriate footwear and it has the required specification and provides the necessary support for safe participation.
  • Students must tie back hair that falls below the jawline.
  • No jewellery is to be worn during PE.
  • Please ensure all items are clearly marked with your child’s name.

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4 or above in English & Maths


5 or above in English & Maths

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