Bury College – Opportunities for School Leavers

Bury College – Opportunities for School Leavers

Opportunities for School Leavers

Our latest brochure outlining the Opportunities for School Leavers including the range of virtual events available to your Year 11 pupils. Please see link below:


VOE Link: https://burycollege.ac.uk/virtual-open-event/  *

BBCR Link: https://burycollege.ac.uk/how-we-support-you/be-bury-college-ready/ – As mentioned the curriculum resources fall under the ‘Be Prepared Section’ *

*As mentioned both our Virtual Open Event and BBCR will be relaunching in the coming weeks and details about this can be found in the Opportunities for School Leavers brochure above.

Bury Schools – Guaranteed place!

With all the uncertainty and worry during this unprecedented time, we would like to help remove any concerns regarding applying for Bury College courses for 2021. We are writing to let you know that any year 11 pupils who applies from your school will be guaranteed a place at Bury College in September 2021 should they wish to accept it. We are therefore still welcoming applications and would like to reassure you and your pupils that no one will be disadvantaged.

HSL Pathways Presentation


New Apprenticeship Animated Video


How to Apply video

Further application information, including a short video on how to apply, is available here: https://burycollege.ac.uk/apply-now/apply-online/

National Apprenticeships Week

National Apprenticeships Week

This week is National Apprenticeships Week 2021 (8-12 February), and at Tottington High School we are providing our Year 11 students with lots of information around Apprenticeships through their Personal Development lessons this week. In addition, all students and parents can access the range of resources that Amazing Apprenticeships have put together to help you find out more about Apprenticeships and where they can take you, if this is an option you would like to consider after secondary education.

The Bury Apprenticeship Working Group

The Bury Apprenticeship Working Groups have put together a newsletter to inspire local teens on the work they are doing in Bury and to celebrate local success stories. Take a look at the Apprenticeships-Good News Letter below to find out more about apprenticeships through Bury College, North Lancs Training Group, JM Excellence and many more!
Apprenticeships – Good News Letter


Test your Apprenticeship Knowledge

Amazing Apprenticeships have created lots quizzes to help inform students and parents about apprenticeships, traineeships and T Levels. Visit amazingapprenticeships.com/quizzes to test your apprenticeship knowledge and find out more information.

How can apprenticeships link to my favourite subjects?

If you are not sure where to start researching apprenticeships, it can be easier to think about the school subjects you enjoy most and what apprenticeships they could lead to. Amazing Apprenticeships have designed subject posters to show you the range of apprenticeships listed for each subject. Are there any apprenticeships that interest you from the posters below? If so, complete some independent research to find out more about those options.
apprenticeships posters


Which employers offer apprenticeships?

There are thousands of employers that offer apprenticeships. The Amazing Apprenticeships Vacancy Snapshot portal allows you to explore recognisable employers, the apprenticeship programmes they offer, the company benefits, the programme details, unique look-behind-the-scenes footage, case studies and detailed information about the recruitment process. Visit amazingapprenticeships.com/vacancies and browse the different companies offering apprenticeships.

You can also search for thousands of other apprenticeship vacancies that are available on the GOV.UK Find an apprenticeship website: gov.uk/apply-apprenticeship

You can also check out RateMyApprenticeship to view Level 2 and Level 3 Apprenticeships available within a 10 mile radius of Tottington.

NHS Apprenticeships

The NHS have a range of apprenticeships available which offer routes into 350 careers for the NHS. To find out more visit nhsemployers.org/your-workforce/plan/workforce-supply/apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Activity Pack

The Apprenticeship Activity Pack is full of fun and engaging activities for students. This year the pack is an interactive word document so that it can be completed digitally or printed off. This has now been updated as an editable version so that you can adapt it as you need.
Get the Student Apprenticeship Activity Pack


Traineeships Student Activity Pack

The new Traineeship Student Activity Pack is designed to help students to explore traineeships as one of their options through 13 engaging activities. The Pack enables students to work through it on their own or as part of a group or class.
Traineeships Student Activity Pack

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