End of Half Term Newsletter

End of Half Term Newsletter


Thank you to parents for ensuring that students arrive to school on time every day, in the right uniform and with the correct equipment. We appreciate your support and the very vast majority of students are now absolutely ready for learning. It is down to your support that we have been able to have a relatively normal curriculum experience for students.

For your information, the uniform policy is on our school website and please be aware of the expectations when purchasing items or considering hairstyles or piercings over the break. We just do not want to be dealing with non compliance after half term. It is easily avoided.

Site Improvements

As you know, we were fortunate in having a number of site improvements over the Summer and sincere thanks are extended both to the site team and the Trust for enabling this. So that you can see some of the work that has taken place, I have attached some photographs for you. We aim to continue this site improvement so that students have a fantastic learning environment. Also, please take a look at our video (which is on our website) giving you an insight into our school. It is difficult to welcome you through the doors at present, and we are continually finding ways of engaging with parents and families.

Communication with School

We value the contact we have with parents. It is always a pleasure to communicate with parents because we know what a difference it makes. There is a triangle of communication which is essential to ensure that a student is happy, making progress and developing essential life skills: parents, student and the school.

We encourage communication with parents and we have a system for this. The best starting point is always the form tutor because they see the student most often and know them best. Above that, we have Heads of Year who, along with our Pastoral Support Officers deal with things that the form tutor has not been able to resolve. The next tier would be our Heads of Key Stage, Mrs Benigno and Mr Burgoyne and the final tier would be the Deputy Headteachers and myself.

Please do not presume that, because we ask a form tutor to resolve matters, the other layers of support are not interested. We do know what is going on and we are involved. However, it would be appreciated if parents could liaise with form tutors in the first instance so that things can be dealt with swiftly.

Our Local Community

We are very fortunate to be based in the heart of the village of Tottington. We are a local school and we want to engage positively with our community. One of the things I aim to do is to interact with the community so that we can work together. Our students will be the next generation of adults, perhaps living and working locally.

One of the things that is important is behaviour within the community and I would like to ask parents to support me in ensuring that behaviour outside of school is good. Two things spring to mind: first, our main gates cross a local footpath where adults, families and young children walk. Please, remind your children not to congregate there or involve themselves in anti social behaviour. It is distressing for local residents.

Second, local shops and the new garage should not be subjected to poor behaviour or abuse from youngsters. These are valuable resources and they should not be dealing with this. Please, do remind your children about expected behaviours because invariably businesses will ring schools as the first point of contact.

Thank you to Ms Berry

Our attendance officer, Miss Berry, is leaving us at half term in order to take up a promotion elsewhere. Miss Berry has done a fantastic job and has made contacts with and connections with many families at our school. We would all like to thank Miss Berry for what she has done and we wish her well in her new role.

Congratulations to…

Head Boy
Will Slater

Head Girl
Katy Lomax

Senior Prefect Team
Holly Fenton
Holly Mai Fargher
Holly Thompson
Grace Jarvis
Frankie Felton

Superb Citizenship

One of the amazing aspects of our school is that we have a student body that is committed to good citizenship. There are many examples of individual students who have engaged in fundraising or other community based activities. I would like to share one example with you.

One of our Year 7 students, Archie Goodwill, has recently raised over £500 for a charity which is close to his heart. Archie walked 5k for this charity and here is a photograph of Archie sporting his charity T shirt. Well done to Archie on such a fabulous achievement!


I would like to wish everyone a relaxing half term break. We look forward to seeing students again on Monday 2nd November (Tuesday, 3rd November for those Year 11 students who are currently self isolating).

With very best wishes,

Ella Brett

Inset Days

For your information Inset days for the rest of the year are as follows:

  • 30th November
  • 4th January
  • 19th April

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