It’s National Careers Week 1st-5th March

It’s National Careers Week 1st-5th March

National Careers Week 2021 runs from 1st-5th March and is a week dedicated to promoting careers guidance across the UK.

This is an opportunity to think about different career opportunities and a chance to explore how effective choices can be made about your future.

Bury College has created a short video presentation featuring one of Tottington’s former students designed to raise aspirations. We hope this will encourage you to continue to put the effort in now in order to have a successful future.

Creative Careers Week, an initiative run by Creative and Cultural Skills, is running alongside National Careers Week.

The Bury Local Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP) reached out to local artists and professionals to share insight on their journey in creative careers and how taking part in creativity from a young age supported them to get where they are now.

This series of short videos shares real life stories from local people.

You can access the content here:

More information and resources on Creative Careers can also be found on the Discover Website at

Visit and navigate the wonderful resources

Watch the pre-made assemblies on this website that are relevant to your Key Stage.

Here is the link:

Visit and keep an eye out for all the different broadcasts they have this week, helping you to find out more about the careers that are available to you right now. Register to be connected to businesses LIVE on the Jobs Live channel.

Year 10 Student Forum

Year 10 Student Forum

Dear Year 10 students.

We will be hosting a Year 10 Student Forum on Thursday 25th February at 3.00pm. This will be run as an MS Teams meeting and will be an opportunity for you to speak to your Head of Year and members of the Senior Leadership Team about any of the following issues:

  • Coping with stress
  • Managing workload
  • Concerns about exams/assessments
  • Wellbeing concerns/queries
  • General issues

We realise how challenging the last 6-7 weeks have been and want to give you the opportunity to share your views and opinions on how you have found all aspects of your learning during the lockdown.

The forum will be a mixture of Q&A and discussion and will be quite fluid in nature, being led by the issues you raise during the forum. If you are interested in joining, it would be beneficial for you to have your questions and concerns written down beforehand. Throughout the forum, we will be making use of Spiral to give you the opportunity to submit your concerns privately to staff if you wish to.

During a regular school day, you would have numerous opportunities to interact with staff and ask questions and this has not been possible over the last few weeks, so this is an opportunity for you to air your concerns and receive support on any issue.

If you would like to be invited to the Year 10 Student Forum, please can you email Mr Ishtiaq at by no later than 4pm Wednesday 24th February to secure your invite. We anticipate that the forum will run for no longer than 45 minutes, but we can adjust this if necessary.

Please note:
If you do not email Mr Ishtiaq requesting an invite, you will not be able to attend the meeting.
This is a STUDENT FORUM so parents/carers will not be extended invites.

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