Why Study Maths?

By studying GCSE Mathematics, you will be able to reason clearly and logically, set out a rational argument and find solutions to problems in real life. You will be able to understand the Mathematics likely to be encountered in daily adult life and develop your ability to solve problems systematically and select the correct technique for the solution.

Course Content & Development of Expertise

All GCSE courses in Mathematics follow the National Curriculum, so you will carry on from the work completed at Key Stage 3.

The topics are:

  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Ratio, proportion and rates of change
  • Geometry and measures
  • Probability
  • Statistics

You probably will not see a great deal of change in the method of how you learn, however the work will become much more challenging and will require consistently high levels of effort. Please remember that if you are stuck with any aspect of the work you must seek help.

Career Pathways

Employers/professions often require at least a Grade 4 in GCSE Mathematics. Indeed, they may require you to sit a Mathematics Skills Test to check your knowledge before offering the job to you.

The reason that Mathematics is held in such high regard is because of the transferable skills you learn in the subject and its relevance to real life. Good Mathematical skills are essential in Building, Engineering, Economics, Medicine, ICT, Accountancy, Teaching, and many more professions.

Qualification Information

Compulsory Subject

Qualification: GCSE Mathematics

Awarding Body: Pearson EDEXCEL and OCR GCSE

100% examination

Tiered papers: Foundation (Grades 1-5) and Higher (Grades 4-9)

Assessment Structure

There are three examination papers, each 1 hour 30 mins in duration. Each paper is equally weighted in content and marks. The grade is attained from the overall mark from all three papers. Higher tier is graded from 4-9 and foundation tier is graded from 1-5. Currently Foundation tier students sit the OCR examination board papers and higher tier entry students sit the Edexcel examination board papers.

The GCSE Course is designed to meet the requirements of OCR and Edexcel Exam Specifications in Mathematics. Student progress will be assessed by the teacher on a regular basis by a series of short examinations at key points in the Academic Year.