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GCSE Art & Design

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Why Study Art & Design

If you have creative and artistic abilities, you will develop them in much greater depth, while extending your skills to a higher level.

It is an exciting practical skills-based course, working with a variety of media.

You will be working with people who share your interest and enthusiasm for the subject.  Producing original artwork will give you great personal satisfaction.

Course Content & Development of Expertise

In Art and Design you will improve your observation and objective drawing. Explore your own personal ideas imaginatively in visual and tactile studies. You will learn more about the work of other Artists, Craftsmen and Designers and understand the influence they have on your own work. You will use a variety of materials and techniques to express your ideas and learn how to modify and improve work as it progresses. You will use all your planning, research and development of ideas to produce a successful piece of artwork and gain more confidence in your knowledge about Art in our society and around the world. You will learn to work independently and creatively. Some of the skills you will gain are:

  • Observation drawing
  • Painting
  • Sculpture using various media including ceramics.
  • Mixed Media
  • Printmaking
  • Textiles

In Year 10, you will be guided through three major coursework projects. Each ‘Project’ will include: observational drawing, collecting other visual resources, photography, development of your own imaginative ideas, research into relevant artists and designers, practical experimentation, planning and modifying your ideas and producing a successful piece of Artwork. In Year 11, you will be expected to work more independently to develop your own ideas. Working through coursework projects before your final examination project. Towards the end of the course, you will be able to revisit previous work to improve it, select the best work and prepare it for final assessment. After school Workshops are arranged over two or three nights a week. There is also the possibility of working with Artists in Residence to enhance and develop your work.

You will need:

  • A sturdy folder, minimum size A1, to keep all your work safely from the start of the course. (Requested in the summer term).
  • Basic Art equipment to allow you to work creatively at home.
  • Sketchbooks and Work Journals.

Career Pathways

An essential qualification, if you are looking for a career in any Art, Design or Craft related field, you wish to study Art and Design in Further and Higher Education. It provides you with a creative way of ‘thinking’ and problem-solving. If you achieve a good grade, employers will be impressed with your ‘well rounded’ education. There is a wide range of career opportunities available from Architecture to Teaching.

Qualification Information

Optional Subject

Qualification: GCSE Art & Design

Awarding Body: AQA

Entry Tiers: One

Coursework: 60%

Final Exam: 40%


Assessment Structure

  • Regular End of Project Assessments and tutorials to set individual targets.
  • Continuous Assessment on all elements of Coursework from the start of Year 10.
  • A Mock Examination Project in Year 11.
  • Presentation of three major Coursework Projects for Assessment by the end of April in Year 11.
  • A ten-hour Practical Examination, Final Assignment to be completed by Easter in Year Eleven.
  • Exhibitions of work and external Moderation in June

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