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Vocational Creative iMedia

GCSE Creative iMedia Video

Why Study Creative iMedia?

This course is for people who like to use ICT in a creative manner.  To stretch your learning you can investigate the different purpose, uses and audience for digital media across the UK.  This could include the development of apps on phones and tablets, social media and its impact on the world, or the development of comic book narratives in popular culture.

Course Content & Development of Expertise

Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia are media sector-focused including film, television, web development, gaming, digital image manipulation and animation, and have IT at their heart.  They provide knowledge in a number of key areas in this field from pre-production skills to digital animation and have a motivating, hands-on approach to learning; this is ideal for students who want to use IT in a creative manner and in the media sector.

Career Pathways

Useful for:

  • Level 3 media courses
  • Careers in web design
  • Careers in media production (TV, radio and film)
  • Careers in games design and development
  • Careers in graphic design

Qualification Information

Optional Subject

Qualification: Creative iMedia – OCR Cambridge Nationals Level 2 Certificate

Awarding Body: OCR

Entry Tiers: One Tier


Assessment Structure

Students will be assessed on the following units:

  • Unit 1: Pre Production Skills; externally assessed through an Exam (25% of final grade)
  • Unit 2: Creating Digital Graphics; centre assessed (25% of final grade)
  • Two more units from a wide range of choice; all centre assessed, each one worth 25% of final grade

25% Examination

75% Non-examined assessment (3 units of work, each worth 25%)

All results are awarded on the following scale:

Level 2 Distinction* to Level 2 Pass 

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