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GCSE Science Trilogy

GCSE Science Trilogy Video

Why Study Science?

As well as studying the same content as the Combined Science course, the Triple Science Programme offers extension units for Biology, Chemistry and Physics which turns the Combined Science qualifications into separate GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.   

The Triple Science Programme is intended for highly motivated students who intend to study Science further in higher education and is aimed at those students who are high achievers. The expectation for students on the course is high. 

Course Content & Development of Expertise

This course allows students to gain separate qualifications in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The early work at KS4 is common to that taken by Combined Science students so it is started in Year 9. The extra material in this course is not essential for progress to Advanced Level, however for students who really enjoy Science this course enables them to study the subject in a greater depth, gives them an extra GCSE and has as a greater overlap with Advanced Level work. 

Career Pathways

Triple Science students can take Biology, Chemistry or Physics at Advanced Level. These courses lead to a wide variety of degrees and employment in engineering, the medical, environmental and research industries, to name but a few. Students with Science degrees are highly sought after in many other areas such as accounting, sport and journalism, because an understanding of scientific principles shows the ability to think logically, to apply principles and predict the effects of change. 

Qualification Information

Optional Subject and available to some students

GCSE Biology
GCSE Chemistry
GCSE Physics

Awarding Body: AQA


Assessment Structure

The course is linear with all six papers taken at the end of Year 11. Each paper is 1 hour 45 minutes. Papers are available at foundation tier (5-1) and Higher tier (9-4). There are a core set of practical assessments to be completed by the end of the course. The examination papers will test aspects of the practical work done over the three years. Students will receive one GCSE grade for each of biology, chemistry and physics each between 9-1.

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