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You live in the world, so why not find out more about it! Studying Geography will enable you to find out how the Earth works and the challenges we face in the 21st Century.

Geography will give you a passport to understanding the world in which you live. You will get the opportunity to investigate a wide range of topics such as how people live with the threat of natural hazards like tsunamis, and what climate change will mean for you.



  • You will be learning how to use Ordnance Survey Maps and how to find information from maps.
  • You will have the opportunity to develop your geographical skills (drawing field sketches, planning investigations).
  • You will investigate tourism around the world by exploring different countries and researching the impacts of tourism upon them.
  • You will examine the coastline of the United Kingdom and learn about how coastal landforms are formed and how humans use coastal areas.
  • You will investigate ‘Geography in the News’ – You will choose a topic yourself to research and present.
  • You will be learning about different climates around the world as well as how different weather conditions occur
  • You will be investigating the microclimate of Tottington High School by conducting an experiment around school.
  • You will explore the illegal diamond trade in Sierra Leone and the impact of the Civil War on the country.
  • You will look specifically at child soldiers.
  • You will learn about the continent of Africa by examining life in different African Countries.
  • You will be learning about how volcanoes and earthquakes happen and how they affect people.
  • You will be investigating the impact of humans on the world and how the consequences of these impacts can be managed (global warming, deforestation, renewable energy, sustainable living).
  • You will be exploring the characteristics of the retail industry and working on a retail centre design project

You will study the above topics in a variety of ways from model making to debates. You will investigate a range of case studies to do this.



You will study both Physical and Human Geography topics:

Living with the physical environment

  • The challenge of natural hazards – volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, weather hazards e.g. hurricanes.
  • The living world – Ecosystems, tropical rainforests, cold environments
  • Physical landscapes in the UK – coastal landscapes and glaciated landscapes.


Challenges in the human environment

  • Urban issues and challenges – Studying city life in an NEE e.g. Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and in the UK e.g. Manchester, and also how cities can be sustainably developed.
  • The changing economic world – Studying development, population and the rising importance of NEE countries e.g. Nigeria. Studying the importance of the UK in the world economy.
  • The challenge of resource management – Studying the challenge of ensuring there is enough food, energy and water for the people of the world.



  • The ability to research and present information
  • The ability to use Graphs, Diagrams and Statistics and analyse information
  • The opportunity to conduct a practical fieldwork enquiry using the primary data collection skills.
  • The ability to work individually and collaboratively.
  • The ability to debate controversial and topical information.

Studied at Key Stage 3
Optional at Key Stage 4

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