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Religious Education

Religious Education


You live in a world of different belief systems and values. This subject looks at fundamental questions about life, death and the purpose of our existence. It examines issues facing people in all parts of the world and helps you understand your own personal beliefs and how you might be able to influence events. You will investigate arguments about God and whether we should allow euthanasia and abortion, what happens when we die and laws relating to drugs and alcohol. The course will be enjoyable, and is highly relevant to any chosen career; it allows you to participate in some soul searching of your own.



Year 7:

  • You will be reflecting on your personal beliefs and ideas about who you are, life & God.
  • You will examine different sacred texts from a variety of religions.
  • You will have the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of forgiveness & reconciliation.
  • You will explore the life and teachings of Jesus.
  • You will research and different places of worship and where possible you will also visit a place of worship.

Year 8:

  • You will be reflecting on your personal beliefs about creation.
  • You will examine different teachings on the environment.
  • You will have the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of prejudice & discrimination.
  • You will explore Hinduism and Islam and consider how beliefs influence lifestyle and behaviour.

Year 9:

  • You will be investigating and reflecting on the Holocaust & the impact of Judaism today.
  • You will have the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of peace & conflict.
  • You will examine different teachings on Rites of Passage – Birth, Coming of Age, Marriage & Death.
  • You will explore the religion of Buddhism and consider how beliefs influence lifestyle and behaviour

It is important to understand that RE is taught in an open minded and non-biased way and all beliefs will be respected.



A wide range of different types of teaching and learning styles, including research activities and group work are used. You will follow Religion and Ethics based on a study of Christianity. Including the following topics:

  • Matters of Life & Death e.g. abortion, euthanasia
  • Believing in God e.g. creation theories, miracles
  • Marriage & the Family e.g. Christian marriage, divorce, contraception
  • Living the Religious Life e.g. prayer, charity and pilgrimage

You will also follow Religion, Peace and Conflict based on a study of Islam. Including the following topics:

  • Believing in God e.g. Allah, evil & suffering
  • Peace and Conflict e.g. war, weapons
  • Crime and Punishment e.g. death sentence, drugs.
  • Living the Religious Life e.g. the Five Pillars of Islam



Religious Studies will help develop your key skills in decision making, investigation, reflective thinking, working with others and problem solving. It will also give you skills in making decisions about moral problems and help you to become sure about your own beliefs and explain them clearly to others. It is not about making you religious, it is about enabling you to think for yourself about religious and moral issues.

Studied at Key Stage 3
Optional at Key Stage 4

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