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  • Break each unit down into the individual topics studied and split your revision time accordingly.
  • Use flash cards for key words and teachings. If you don’t know key words or key religious beliefs you can’t answer the questions. Keep testing yourself on them regularly.
  • Spider grams are a great way to write out key beliefs in RE. Students need to remember what the key teachings are and how Christians/Muslims use them to help them make decisions in life today.
  • “chunking” Students read a section or topic. They then minimize the information into a series of key words to make it easier to remember. (This is chunking information down.) Students then come back to the work and chunk it back up by recalling and explaining the topic in detail using the key words to help them.

Exam Board

​Pearson Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies B
Paper 1 Christianity: Religion and Ethics
Paper 2 Islam: Religion, Peace and Conflict


Black pen
HB pencil

Revision Guides

1/ Revise Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Religious Studies B Christianity and Islam

Revision Guide by Pearson

(Students only need to revise the first 4 chapters of each both Christianity and Islam in this guide)

2/  GCSE Edexcel B Religious Studies. Beliefs in Action Grade 9-1)

Revision guide by CGP

(The second one also includes Judaism which we DON’T study.)

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