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Q&A with the Headteacher and the Head of Year 7

In October, our Headteacher Ella Brett and our Head of Year 7 Mr Ishtiaq answered questions from parents and carers via a live Zoom call. The following is a transcription of that session. More questions and answers will be added over the coming weeks and months.

What support is available to students who may find it difficult to adjust?
There are a number of things that we will do in initial few weeks in the first half term to help the students settle in. They will spend a lot of time with their form tutor, getting to know their form tutor as well as some of the new friends they will have made once they start school. The Head of Year 7, Mr Ishtiaq will engage with the students as well as parents and carers to help ensure they get the help and support they need. We have a fantastic and experienced Year 7 form team who understand and know the challenges that students will face when they start secondary school, and they will work with the Head of Year and parents/carers to make sure they have everything they need. Mr Ishtiaq is only a phone call or an email away and you can get in touch with him if you have any queries.

If there is any specific support your child needs, we will work with their primary school before they join us in September. We will go and visit them, where possible, and we will invite them into school before they start which will give them a feel for the school and they will meet some of the staff, which will help them when they start in September.

Can we visit the school?
You are very welcome to come and look around the school. We would normally have an opening evening and we’d have hundreds of students and parents in to look around, sample activities, to meet the staff, to find their way around and to make the decision as to whether it is the right school. We obviously can’t do that this year but we are more than happy to meet parents during the school day and give you a tour of the school. We would have to do that on an individual basis though, just because we need to be Covid-secure. We always encourage parents to come and see the school during the day when its running because then you can get a true picture of the school. So you are very welcome to make an appointment, and to do so you need to phone the school on 01204 882327 or email and we will sort that out for you.
What is the school's catchment area?
We currently have students who live as far away as Bolton as well as local children. This is a village school and of course we want all the local children to come to this school, and we think that if you attend your local school there are huge benefits in terms of transport and in terms of knowing the local area and knowing other children. There are bus services to and from the outer areas and their timetables are available on our website.
Has the school changed since it became part of the Shaw Education Trust?
The school has been part of the Shaw Education Trust for two years, and feedback from students and parents has been very positive. Although they are partners with us, we still have complete autonomy to run our school, we have our own special ways of doing things here at Tottington, and it is a very unique school in its own right. So it’s not ‘one-size-fits-all’ for being part of the Trust, but there are benefits in terms of sharing good practice with the other schools, in terms of making sure we give the very best opportunities to our children, we have improved site facilities, because working together we can share those resources.
Is the school improving?
Yes it is. We are working very hard with students, staff and parents to make sure we have everything in place to make this THE school of choice and the best school in the area. We have very high standards of expectations in terms of behaviour, uniform, attendance, and attitudes to learning in the classroom. We promise you that the partnership between you, the parent, the school and the student and the hard work that they put in will be what guarantees success – and it is that true partnership that makes a real difference to children.

More questions and answers coming soon…

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School Information for Parents and Carers

We are very pleased you are considering us for your child’s secondary education. We pride ourselves on developing our students so that they are happy, mature and confident young adults. So please, rest assured that we will strive to ensure your child achieves the very best outcomes possible.

We’ve included a few quick links here to some information about our school which you might find useful. If you have any further questions, please use the form below and we will add it in the Q&A section on this page.

Parents of our current Year 7 students found the New Parents’ Guide booklet (see link below) useful in informing them about Tottington’s systems which enables us to create effective home-school links. We hope our prospective parents and carers will find it useful too.

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Tottington High School collects a lot of data and information about our pupils so that we can run effectively as a school. This privacy notice explains how and why we collect pupils’ data, what we do with it and what rights parents and pupils have. Tottington High School is an academy within the Shaw Education Trust (“the Trust”), a multi academy trust with 10 academies. The Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee (registration number 09067175) whose registered office is Shaw Education Trust Head Office, Kidsgrove Secondary School, Gloucester Road, Kidsgrove. ST7 4DL. The Trust is the Data Controller for all the academies within the Trust. The Data Protection Officer for the Trust is Natalie Kennedy:

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