Year 7 geography students were set the task of researching an amazing ‘superlative’ place of their choice.

This means that they had to mix and match superlative adjectives like ‘tallest’, ‘longest’, ‘deadliest’ with place words like ‘mountain’, ‘river’, ‘city’, etc.

They were given this as homework and given the option to display their work however they wished to, as long as it featured facts, maps, places and pictures.

We have received some fabulous display boards, cakes, models, posters, presentations and more!

This year’s winner Amie has produced an outstanding interactive display board with models to show her research into plate tectonics and the most tectonically active area of the planet.

Congratulations Amie – this is the best project we have ever seen in year 7!

Mrs Hugo, Head of Geography.

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