Dear Year 11 students.

We will be hosting our first Student Forum on Thursday 4th of Feb at 3.00pm. This is your opportunity for you to speak to your Head of Year and members of the Senior Leadership Team about any of the following issues:

  • Coping with stress
  • Managing workload
  • Concerns about college
  • Mock exam queries
  • General issues

The forum will be a mixture of Q&A and discussion and will be quite fluid in nature as this is the first time we have run it and we want to see how it goes.

If you are interested in joining, it would be beneficial for you to have your questions and concerns written down beforehand. If you feel that your concern is quite specific or sensitive, please let us know in advance of the meeting so that we can ensure we are fully prepared.

Throughout the forum, we will be making use of Spiral in order to give you the opportunity to submit your concerns privately to staff if you wish to. During a regular school day, you would have numerous opportunities to interact with staff and ask questions and this has not been possible over the last few weeks so this is an opportunity for you to air your concerns and receive support on any issue.

If you would like to be invited to the Year 11 Student Forum please can you email Mrs McCool at by no later than Wednesday 3rd Feb at 12.00pm to secure your invite. We anticipate that the forum will run for no longer than 45 minutes but we can adjust this if necessary.

Thank you,
Mrs McCool

Policy for using Microsoft Teams for live lessons

Safeguarding Students

Code of Conduct for attending lessons via Microsoft Teams 

  1. Students must be punctual for live lessons
  2. Students must be in a quiet, distraction-free location throughout the lesson
  3. Students must not have their cameras on
  4. Students are not permitted to be on other social media whilst attending a live lesson
  5. Students must not record or take images of the live lesson
  6. Students must not unmute themselves or use the chat/messaging feature unless instructed to do so by the teacher
  7. Students must have excellent behaviour at all times, contribute to the lesson in a positive manner and not be disruptive at any time. The school behaviour policy will be enforced during live lessons.
  8. Students must show respect for everyone in the online classroom; anti-bullying policies apply during live lessons.
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