The wearing of school uniform is compulsory. Full uniform must be worn in school and when journeying to and from school. When a student is admitted, it is on condition that parents accept our school uniform regulations, and therefore it is assumed that parents are willing to ensure that their child conforms to these in every respect.

In selecting our school uniform, we have attempted to combine the important factors of neatness, practicality and easy availability. We have tried to avoid burdening parents with unnecessary expenditure on highly distinctive and expensive items of clothing, whilst still achieving high standards of appearance.

School Uniform

  • Black school blazer with school logo as shown. This can only be purchased from our stockists.
  • A white school shirt which buttons to the neck. Revere collar shirts or shirts without a top button are not permitted.
  • School tie with school logo and relevant year group stripe. This can only be purchased from our stockists.
  • Plain, v-neck jumper with school logo. This can only be purchased from our stockists. This item is optional. (Please note: no other black jumpers/hoodies/jackets/sweatshirts are permitted).
  • Plain, black school trousers with a suit cut style. No jean-style, skinny or casual trousers/leggings are permitted.
  • THS pleated, check knee length skirt with school logo situated on waist band. The school logo must be visible to ensure that the length is appropriate.
  • Plain, black school shoes. No trainers/trainer style; no pumps/pump style shoe; no logos or silver lace threads; no boots or over the ankle shoes; no heels; no steel toe caps.
  • Black or charcoal grey ankle socks. Girls may wear plain black tights in an opaque (non-see-through) style. No coloured, patterned, white or bright socks. No knee length socks. No ankle socks and tights worn together.
  • Dark suitable outdoor coat (no hoodies).
  • No unnatural hair styles or fashions. Only hair colours which are natural are allowed (no bright reds or other vibrant colours, no dip dye). No sculpted haircuts, including patterns, are allowed and hair length must be at least a Grade 2. Students must not shave their eyebrows.
  • Only plain ear studs are allowed – one in each ear lobe.
  • Facial/body piercings, rings, necklaces and bracelets are not permitted.
  • False nails and false eyelashes must not be worn.

Uniform Price List

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Blue Ties for September 2023

Year 7 - Green

Year 8 - Silver

Year 9 - Red

Year 10 -Yellow

Year 11 - Blue