GCSE Exams Summer 2024

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GCSE Exams Booster Timetable 2024

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Course Details

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This document contains all the information relating to GCSE courses and links to revision guides.

How to Revise

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Dealing with Exam Stress

The GCSEs add pressure that can be overwhelming.  This booklet is a guide to how parents might support their child during this difficult time (click on the image below):

In addition, Kooth are offering online meetings on how Kooth can support their child to manage exam stress, please sign-up using this form this form.

Understanding Progress 8

Schools are measured on the outcomes of students.  This measure is called the Progress 8 score.  This video explains how this is calculated and what this means for schools and students: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IAEgFMSGDY