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Headteacher: E Brett
Further contact details:
Mr C Scholes – Head of Year 7
Mrs R  O’Driscoll – Head of Year 8
Miss R Redmond – Head of Year 9
Mr R Baron – Head of Year 10
Mr J Burgoyne – Head of Year 11 / Assistant Headteacher
Mr A Ishtiaq – Associate Assistant Headteacher / KS3 Manager
Mrs L McCool – Associate Assistant Headteacher / KS4 Manager
Miss J Postle – Associate Assistant Headteacher – Intervention Systems
Ms G Stanley – Pastoral Support Officer
Mrs L Pollitt – Pastoral Support Officer
Mrs J Benigno – Assistant Headteacher – Inclusion
Ms R Dawson – Senior Assistant Headteacher
Mrs K Gardner – Senior Deputy Headteacher – Curriculum, Data & Assessment
Mr I Withers – Deputy Headteacher – Behaviour, Attendance and Safeguarding
Mrs J Foster – SENCO & Assistant Headteacher
Miss K Maclean – Safeguarding Officer
Mr C Trees – Academy Council Chair


Shaw Education Trust Head Office,

Kidsgrove Secondary School,

Gloucester Road, Kidsgrove,


Telephone: 01782 948259

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