Aims of our curriculum

At THS, we want every student to be inspired to reach their goals by demonstrating a highly ambitious attitude through all aspects of school life. Students will reach their goals by becoming expert learners, gaining a deep understanding of a range of subjects through our progressive and exciting curriculum. 

At THS, we will ensure that every member of the school community works together to feel supported and valued. Through our curriculum, we will celebrate our differences and strive for greatness every day. 

The curriculum at THS supports the school's vision and core values by:

  • Embedding discovery and exploration of content that provides experiences that embed learning.
  • Working as a team to promote inclusivity: all students will have equal opportunity to reach their goals.
  • Being coherently sequenced and planned, inclusive of personal, cultural, and spiritual experiences within our unique personal development programme.
  • The application of expertly selected pedagogical approaches linked to our THS T&L Foci, which will ensure that key concepts are learned and remembered over time. The selection of appropriate pedagogy will ensure that the curriculum is adapted for all learners, meaning that all students are fully immersed.
  • Promoting a love of reading not only through our curriculum but through our form-time reading and peer reading programmes
  • Guiding students to reach their full potential through an ambitious careers offer, which includes a fantastic Y10 work experience opportunity.

Working Together - Collaboration, Communication

Providing learning opportunities for students to work in pairs, small groups, and as a whole class.

Working together to explore and discover through project-based learning opportunities.

Working with outside agencies and the local community to embed knowledge and enrich the curriculum.

Aiming High - Resilience, Aspiration

Equipping students with the tools to develop their expertise and to overcome the learning challenges they face through the implementation of a range of carefully selected pedagogical approaches.

Exposing students to a range of experiences through our immersion opportunities to give learning purpose and to enable students to make links between their learning and the world of work.

Providing challenge within the curriculum and ensuring students are required to think hard, building student aspirations and resilience, encouraging students to become expert learners and acquiring core knowledge to enable success.

Achieving Success - Excellence, Commitment

Students are exposed to opportunities to demonstrate and apply their learning in the classroom, to the school, and within the local community.

A rich extra-curricular offer is available for all students to access. In addition, the implementation of immersion opportunities demonstrates a commitment to learning and supports the progression from novice to expert learners.

Teachers are committed to the development of their pedagogy and practice to ensure that the curriculum is implemented in a way that enables all learners to succeed.

Please contact Mrs R Deakin regarding any curriculum enquiries.