Introduction to Home Learning

At Tottington High School, we are committed to providing an ongoing education for all of our students throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. As we move into on online world, we have tried to ensure our plans for online learning are as accessible as possible and provide curriculum continuity whether students are learning in school or at home.

We understand the disruption that COVID-19 is causing to many of our lives. Learning from home can present challenges and will never be a substitute for the excellent quality of education that our students receive when attending the school as normal. Whilst students are working from home it is essential that students engage with and complete their online learning set so that they are able to continue their learning on their return to school.

Throughout this section of the school website, you will find helpful guides and videos to set you up for online learning. Our remote (online) learning plan has been made with our students and families in mind. We believe this strategy will work best for the students in our school.

Changes to Remote Learning Video

Miss Dawson explains the important changes to your remote learning which take effect from Monday 1st February.

Providing Remote Learning - Information to parents

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Microsoft Teams

We have recorded a video which talks students through how to login to Microsoft Teams in order to access their homelearning resources.

We have produced two guides. The first is ‘Student Guide to Microsoft Teams’ which will help you to login, join a live lesson, upload a piece of work, and explains about how to get feedback and respond to feedback. The guide shows how to do all this on a desktop/laptop computer, tablet and phone.

The other guide is called ‘Teams work submission guide’ which will help you to hand in your work to your teacher.

Teams work submission guide

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All students at Tottington High School have a Microsoft Outlook email account. Your account also gives you access to free online versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Your email address is and your password will be the same as you use in school. If you previously used a Google school email account, all your saved emails will be in your Microsoft email account. Your password will be the same as before. Just replace the bit at the end with

How to use a games console to access remote learning

  1. Plug a keyboard into the xbox usb slot
  2. Go into My Games & Apps
  3. Find Microsoft Edge and select
  4. Type in: Office 365 and log in as you would in school
  5. You can then access your work and use apps including Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email
  6. To move around, use your xbox controller or plug in a usb mouse

  1. Identify the PlayStation internet browser icon (it is WWW with dots around it)
  2. Press the PlayStation logo on your controller
  3. Go into Library and find options for games and apps
  4. Go into Applications and you will find the internet browser
  5. You can then access your work and use apps including Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Email

Frequently asked questions

Lessons will be a blend of live lessons and pre-recorded lessons, all issued on your calendar within Microsoft Teams. You will need to log in to your ‘Microsoft 365’ account each morning ( where your lessons for each period of the day will be scheduled on your Teams calendar.

Your teachers will make it clear within the lesson title which of your lessons will be ‘live’ and which will be ‘loom’ (pre-recorded). Remember, your username for Teams follows this format: and your password is the same as your school network account.

You can join your live lessons by going to the ‘calendar’ section within Teams and clicking ‘join’ for that lesson.

You can access the resources needed for your loom lesson by double clicking on the event on your Teams calendar; lesson details, including a link to your loom lesson will be within the description.

All lesson assignments will be issued through Microsoft Teams and all work submitted by students should again be through Teams.

Please watch the video guide for additional support.

Yes, absolutely! You can use your smartphone or gaming device (XBox or Playstation) to access your online learning. Support guides can be found within this section of the school website. If you do not have access to any of the above devices, please call the school on 01204 882327

All students have free access to the full suite of Microsoft 365, including Micrsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. Students must log in to using their school email address and password. The email address follows this format:

Please email stating ‘For the attention of Head of..’ and then the subject. We will then forward you message to the appropriate person.

Daily feedback will be offered during live lessons either through direct Q&A, quizzes or whole class feedback. This may also include Microsoft forms, Seneca, Spiral & BBC Bitesize. Formal, summative feedback will also be issued through marked assignments on Teams and the frequency for this is outlined within our Remote Learning Guidance document.

You will be expected to follow your usual in-school timetable. Teachers will set you work for 5 periods of each day; this will be in the form of live or pre-recorded lessons

All students will be able to access live lessons via Microsoft Teams. Teachers will schedule lessons for students who are sent home, these can be accessed via their Calendar on Microsoft Teams. A walkthrough for this can be found on our Remote Learning Support page. 

All students will continue to access live lessons through Microsoft Teams. The lessons will follow the curriculum being taught in school exactly. 

Pupils working from home will be expected to complete the same number of hours work at home as they would during a normal school day. This will be achieved through logging into live lessons via Microsoft Teams.  

Invitations to live lessons are only scheduled by class teachers, meaning that invitations are ringfenced to Tottington students only. In addition to this, we have a clear 'Code of Conduct' in place for all students accessing live lessons, this can be found in the Remote Learning Policy. 

Students with additional needs can contact the SENCO or their Head of Year for support. Where necessary, students with additional needs may receive alternative work, in line with the curriculum being taught in school. 

Need Help?

If you are having difficulty accessing any of our online homelearning resources, help is available. Simply enter your name, year group and email address in the boxes below and tick any of the apps you need our help with. If you want to give us a bit more information about your problems, type your message in the message box. Our Homelearning Support Team will reply to your message as soon as possible and get you up and running.