Art Curriculum Information

Our vision for Art and Design at Tottington High School is for all students to develop a passion and appreciation for Art. We endeavour to engage, inspire, and challenge all of our students to achieve success and reach their highest potential. Our department aims to equip our students with the knowledge and skills to experiment, invent and create their own works of Art. 

We aim to ensure that all students: produce creative work, explore their ideas and record their experiences, whilst becoming proficient in drawing, painting and in other areas of art, craft, and design. Students will also investigate the work of Artists and other practitioners, to help deepen their own knowledge and understanding of the world they live in.

Art Learning Journeys

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Key Stage 3

In Years 7, 8, and 9, students have Art and Design once a week. Two topics will be delivered throughout each year.

For each KS3 topic, students will experiment with different materials and techniques whilst also analyzing the work of artists and craft persons. Throughout each topic, work is assessed through peer, self and teacher assessment. Classes are mixed ability and work is produced in A4 sketchbooks.

Key Stage 4

Component 1: (Portfolio – 60% of GCSE Grade)

Students will produce a portfolio that shows evidence of AQA’s Art and Design four assessment objectives. 

Throughout the two-year course, students will respond to several topic titles by carrying out research and exploring artists relevant to the topic. Students will then develop their own ideas and begin to experiment with a range of materials and techniques.

Component 2: (Externally Set Assignment – 40% of GCSE Grade) Jan-Mar

Students will respond to the exam titles provided by AQA. Students will independently explore artist research and experiment with materials, techniques and create their final outcomes. 

A calm and positive learning environment where all students feel safe to explore and express their own creativity. 

For all students to feel valued and reach their highest potential.

To encourage students to take meaningful risks as they develop their skills.

Do Now Tasks/starters - short tasks to quickly activate the learning and prior knowledge of students. 

Teacher demonstrations of different skills and techniques, to help enhance the learning of students.

Reflection of students own practice through annotation in books and/or answering questions through pair and group work.

Formative/summative assessment and teacher feedback to help support the progression of students.

Self and peer assessment of students to encourage independence and awareness of their own practice.

A baseline assessment is carried out at the start of each Art topic. This enables staff to quickly assess and identify any misconceptions, whilst also celebrating the prior knowledge of students. 

Teacher assessment is carried out in sketchbooks and verbal feedback is also provided.

Self and peer assessment takes place throughout each topic.

Class work and homework assignments are regularly assessed. 

It is important that we provide a range of experiences that helps to offer students a broader experience of Art and Design. 

We have developed links with our local primary schools and businesses. Art lessons have been taught by some of our staff in the Department to Year 6 pupils at local schools. Our Art teachers have gone into schools and taught projects, in which students enjoy and learn about different disciplines related to the practice of Art and Design. Students Artwork has also been created and displayed in local businesses.

We are currently working to develop our curriculum to offer Art trips relevant to the topics we teach throughout Key Stage 3 and 4. It is also our intention that Artists and lead practitioners are to visit our school and work with our students in workshops.

The study of Art and Design can lead to many careers and jobs. This may include Architecture, Art Therapist, Artist, Curator, Fashion Designer, Film Director, Gamer, Graphic Designer, Jewellery, Interior Designer, Makeup Artist, Painter, Photographer, Teacher and Web Designer.