n line with the school’s drive for excellence and following the change in uniform, we are now launching our new school PE kit. You will still see the Manchester Bee out of respect to our students who were at the MEN arena on the night of the 2017 bombing.

We appreciate these items can be expensive and we therefore suggest your child wears their existing kit for now and as they outgrow it, replace it with the new one. We would, however, ask that by the start of September 2023, all students are in the new PE kit.

From the 1st of March our kit supplier Ian Senior from SKkits will take over a shop on Market Street in Tottington as a base. This will be beneficial for several reasons. He will be on hand to give advice on sizing, carry stock for immediate sale on site and it will speed up delivery. He has also opened a THS online shop which can be found on the website https://shop.skkits.co.uk/tottington-high-school/